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Recurring Payments

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Do you have paper billing? Its is time to collect payments on the web and eliminate your NSF checks and postage costs. Bizness Inc.'s BizRAS Web Invoicing not only collects one-time payments but also recurring billing payments automatically. Think of the cost savings you can gain through a Recurring Payments system that collects from your clients Credit Card or PayPal account automatically on the same day of each month!

Bizness Inc Web Invoicing System Eliminate NSF Checks, Papaer BillingBizness Inc. BizRAS Web Invoicing with Recurring Payments includes the following:
Web Invoicing for one-time and billing recurring payments on-line.  No more paper invoices.  No more NSF checks.  No more late payments.  This Web Invoicing product is excellent for collecting recurring payments each period automatically through the eMerchant Gateway such as credit card and PayPal payments.   Web Recurring Payments are collected automatically whether they occur: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly or yearly.      This product comes in different configurations for small and large businesses.     
2. It interfaces to PayPal for payment collections so that all invoices are done on the web and customer payments are also done on the web. Your clients can pay you for one time charges or recurring billing charges. Recurring billing payments will automatically go into your account as billing is done automatically. This product produces standard HTML reports which are supported in web browsers and Windows Mobile Devices/IPhones  worldwide without the need for any other web reporting software.  It provides XML or QuickBooks format files when posting to update your QuickBooks Accounting Software or to interface to other External Accounting Systems.                                                     
3. BizRAS Web Invoicing and Recurring Payments can assist you cut costs in many area such as eliminating bad debts collecting payments on time, and eliminating paper mail outs.   It is especially designed to collect web Recurring Payments that are due on a recurring basis whether it be a monthly maintenance charge, a quarterly service charge for some internet service, a semi-yearly charge for some insurance, a yearly service charge on a magazine, a weekly rental payment, or other recurring charges like a bi-weekly payment for some contract workers . Web recurring payments are deposited automatically into your account using the web.

Click on this link for more information on Web Invoicing / Billing Features: Recurring Payments


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Product Features      
White Label /Branding

All Bizness applications offer white labelling which means screen colors, font sizes can be your selection along with adding your logo at the top of each screen and your footer caption at the bottom of screens. 

Create Web Invoices      Create invoices on the web for one time or Recurring Payments charges. Client Subscriptions are set up for Recurring Payments so client payment is automatically taken out of the customer's credit card or PayPal account each period. Automatic emails are sent to the client from PayPal and this BizRAS System to confirm the payment. Clients are given their own private BizRAS internet account to track all their payments to you and print off a summary report from the web to their local printer.      

Private Admin System

The BizRAS Administration System is a private system just for you where you set up service rates (one time or recurring) and then create invoices on the web.  Recurring Payments is done automatically. Customer's credit card expiry dates are entered in the Admin System so you can be alerted. Clients are automatically emailed the month their credit card is expiring with clear instructions how to update the expiry date with their new card.

The Administration System gives you a full set of reports for you to track all your billing and payments received. It supports payment methods other than PayPal for those old fashion clients that still want to pay by check, money order or cashier's check. This system can handle multiple payments for 1 invoice amount. All reports are in standard HTML supported on internet browsers worldwide including Windows Mobile Devices. Reports can be emailed inside the body of the email meaning no file attachments.

Alerts to take Action On
The 1st screen after logging on to the Admin System is the ALERTS screen which gives you a read out of any actions you need to take. The screen shows the number of new clients that have not activated their account, number of unpaid invoices (usually non PayPal invoices as with PayPal you receive your Recurring Payments  automatically), number of credit cards expiring this month,  etc.